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Kitchener, Ontario N2C 1G9
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CMAC West Mall Grand Opening November 20, 2004
CMAC Yumi Da Po Grand Opening May 14, 2005
CMAC Tora Tengu Grand Opening June 4, 2005
OBA Tournament September 3 & 4 - Aurora, Ontario
Snider Family Picnic September 10, 2006 Melbourne, Ontario
Snider Family Picnic September 9, 2007 Mount Forest, Ontario
Snider Family Picnic September 7, 2008 Rothsay, Ontario
Snider Family Picnic September 13, 2009 Woodstock, Ontario
Las Vegas October 13-17, 2005

Swim Meet

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TCDSB Swim Meet, April 14-15, 2007 Etobicoke Olympium
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Norma's Celebration! April 18, 2009 Kitchener, Ontario - Celebrating Norma's 75th with family and friends.
Seeds Family Reunion September 19, 2009 Toronto, Ontario - Family Reunion


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